Diet food, healthy eating and prenatal exercises.Everything that you do during this phase of pregnancy

As the first trimester completes, you will feel relaxed as some of the pregnancy symptoms decreases. Morning sickness subsides. You will most likely begin to feel better as you enter the second trimester of your pregnancy. With this and your baby's rapid growth in mind, now is an ideal time to nourish your baby's regular development with essential nutrients such as Vitamin D, DHA (an Omega-3 fat) and folic acid.

With the approach of 2 nd trimester the appetite also increases . Moms to be must eat small portions at a time. The sudden cravings for a particular food item or flavour are very common in this time. It is a good time to start prenatal yoga or light exercise. After consulting the doctor start using a cream for the belly which might help with the stretch marks and itchiness.

Helpful tips:

Make a pregnancy diet chart and follow it.

Consume 10 cups total beverages per day, including water.

With your doctor's permission, stay active with safe exercises.

Prepare your clothes for the next trimester