Its where healthy eating habits adds nutrition for the growing baby.

It is just as important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle during your final stage of pregnancy as in the first two. Your baby will be more than triple in size these last few months, so be sure to provide him with all the nutrition he needs to support his normal growth and development. Switch to 5 or 6 light and nutritious meals or snacks spread throughout the day. Your baby's growing bones need more calcium, and his growing muscles and tissues need protein. For his rapid brain development, your baby needs DHA (an Omega-3 fat). Experts recommend taking a prenatal multi- vitamin to ensure that you are receiving an adequate amount of essential nutrients. Since the time is close when the baby would arrive, the mother should fix a hospital for her delivery and also child’s paediatrician. They should also look into the due date given by the doctor for the delivery.

Helpful tips:

Eat smaller meals more frequently

Eat your nutrients: Calcium, Protein and DHA (an Omega-3 fat)

Get yourself known to breast feeding positions

Maintain an Active Lifestyle